I was born March 1982 in a small town just north of Denver Colorado named Longmont. My passion for art was picked up at a young age. Remembering times where I would sit with my brother Sean and draw pictures from all the animal magazines. Throughout the years I've always managed to find creative outlets either through art, music, collecting, decorating our house and even cooking while always struggling to become better.

I would say I get my artistic talent from my grandfather. He is a retired artist, a very talented sculptor and artist. When I was young, I spent a great deal of time with my grandmother and grandfather Herman. I was always having a great time and usually finding myself doing something creative. My father is also a very creative individual, he doesn't give himself the credit he deserves... lets just say he built our entire house by hand, tied his own flies for flyfishing and creates beautiful woodworks and models of all shapes and sizes. He's a true inspiration to me. My brother Sean is also a super huge inspiration to me in many ways. He is a incredibly talented individual! Hence this beautiful website and many other achievements through art and music. Family is very important to me. Im so blessed to have such a wonderful family! Everyone of them deserves to be in this Biography.

But I will get back to the point, throughout the years of my youth I accomplished many artistic projects and was accredited a New York Scholastic Arts award for one of my creations in late 1996. Its was a charcoal drawing that I'd did left handed and upside down, it was a image of the beast from "The Island of Dr. Mureau." I also attended a summer course at the Denver institute of Art to see what Art career best suited me, unfortunately I wasn't sure of what direction to take my artistic talent. It was hard for me to accept that not all art involved a pencil and paper, that there were computers shaping the way of art's future. After high school a handful of good friends of mine and myself, packed up our gear and headed for Los Angeles California to play heavy metal music. I Moved to california! It was the summer of 2001, August to be exact. I was 19 and on my own in Los Angeles. It wasn't always easy but I was doing what I loved. We did a lot of great things musically, put out a few cd's, played a show at the whiskey a go-go, played shows with many influential bands of our time. It was a blast!

Chasing the rock and roll dream isn't as easy as one would think! So after about 6 years of deafening my eardrums and jamming with the boys, we all went our seperate ways. I decided that I was going to try to make a career in art somehow. I was workin 3 jobs and apprenticing to tattoo. I would say that I've never felt so excited and so tired at the same time, but I realized after a few years of dedication that I am a much better artist than a guitar player. I have been tattooing since the beggining of 2008 and have already accomplished lots of goals I set for myself.

Early 2011, I started a project called The Coloring Book Project, I reached out to all the inspirational artists that I've met or connected with throughout the last few years and started creating a coloring book for children and tattoo enthusiasts. It took me almost 1 year to completely pack it full of amazing content but I did it, The coloring book project has 101 of the worlds best tattoo and fine artists with over 200 pages of personally designed pieces for the project. I am so honored to have such amazing artists join me in this venture to make my vision a reality. I am so excited to announce that this April 2012 The Coloring Book Project will be available and distributed worldwide. Well known and much respected Mike DeVries has helped me with this venture deciding to take on the project and turn this into a official publication, I couldnt be any happier. This accomplishment proved to me that I can do anything I put my mind to. I have had the honor of traveling a little and doing some tattoo conventions every once in a while. I have been featured in quite a few tattoo magazines lately and continue to get support through the tattoo community. I feel blessed I am able to do what I love everyday and am appreciated for it.

Thank you for reading this and checking out my website. Hopefully it gave you some insight as to where I'm from and where I'm heading artisticly. I look forward to doing more conventions, lots of painting, traveling and meeting fellow artists and future clients. My objective as a artist, to remain inspired and humble as well as maintain the importance of a clean and professional enviroment. While striving to become a better tattoo artist and painter with each new challenge. I am truly thankful I get to do what I love for a living, and I appreciate your support and trust that I am the right artist for you. Please check back often to view my new works and drop me a line.

Thank you again.
Best wishes and many blessings!
Brett Herman